Pacific Air

As the kids of nomadic parents who moved at least 2x per year through their childhood, Ryan and Taylor relied on music to make sense of their often confusing lives; it was the only constant they had, other than each other. In the writing of the songs of their debut album, they made peace with this by focusing on specific times and places in their lives, and turning these location into songs, mapping their lives through songwriting.

Capitola, California

Track 1 : “Lose My Mind” Location: Capitola, California

“Amongst the subtle beauty and quaint local architecture, the singe visual that has always stuck with me is the dark wooden train bridge that overlooks the murky lagoon”

California Desert, Vistas

Track 2 : “Float” Location: California Desert, Vistas

“The desert has always been an incredible inspiration for me, and the drive to/from Arizona has some amazing vistas and rock formations. Float was the first song written for the band and the landscape perfectly compliments the music and parallels the uncertainty of the lyrics.”

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles

Track 3 : “Roses” Location: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles

“The area immediately surrounding the Hollywood Bowl has always felt a bit stuck in a different era more so than a lot of nostalgic inspired LA neighborhoods.”

Morro Bay, California

Track 4 : “Move” Location: Morro Bay, California

“Morro Bay was staple stop for the absolute absurdity of landscape. From the rock to the sand dunes to the nearly African looking foliage, it has always called for a dynamic soundtrack.”

Arrowhead Mountain, California

Track 5 : “Sunshine” Location: Arrowhead Mountain, California

“Every fall we take a weekend getaway to Arrowhead mountain, which is the closest place to the mountain ranges we lived in as children without driving for hours. The rim of the world highway in particular has provided memories we attempt to recapture annually.”

Los Angeles, California

Track 6 : “Intermission” Location: Los Angeles, California

“LA in the fog is one of my favorite sights. Almost opposite to the highly romanticized LA seen commonly, the pseudo tropical foliage really stands out.”

Pollock Pines, California

Track 7 : “Suits” Location: Pollock Pines, California

“Pollock Pines was a short-lived home for us that has stuck in our memories and the go to photo op spot on the way to Tahoe. It's a rare place that experiences extreme beauty in all four seasons without any extreme weather.”

Santa Monica, California

Track 8 : “Play Nice” Location: Santa Monica, California

“While it may be one of the more cliche California landscapes, the north facing view from the Santa Monica pier, especially during light fog, is one of my favorite views in the world.”

Sisters, Oregon

Track 9 : “Far Away” Location: Sisters, Oregon

“Originally a native of the Oregon Coast, whenever I get to explore any new parts of one of the most scenic states in the US, I go out of my way. We've only been to Sisters one time (which happened to be right before sunset) the high desert views of the constant snow topped is one of my favorite memories.”

Bird Rock, California

Track 10 : “Duet” Location: Bird Rock, California

“During the widespread Southern California fires a few years back, we lived in the very small neighborhood of Bird Rock, a super beach suburb of San Diego. With ours schools and businesses closed, it was our version of a snow week.”

California Desert, Lowlands

Track 11 : “So Strange” Location: California Desert, Lowlands

“So Strange was written as the sequel to Float, and thus locations are virtually the same, though focused less on the wide vistas and more on the lowland details.”


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